US Kung Fu Academy launches new website!

Sifu Kevin Ritter of US Kung Fu Academy announces the launch of the new and improved website.  US Kung Fu Academy has solicited the skills of Phil Montero of Montero Consulting and “The Anywhere Office” to complete this project.

We look forward to posting articles and information on our blog.

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2 Responses to US Kung Fu Academy launches new website!

  1. Sherlyn Parke says:

    I want to start taking self defense classes and i am a rookie i was wondering if i can start here.

    • Sifu Kevin Ritter says:

      Hi Sherlyn,

      Yes. We would love to have you come into our studio. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to come in. We have kung fu self-defense on Monday nights and groundfighting on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

      Call us at 225-1959 to schedule a free class.

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