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Our Instructors:Sifu Li with Sifu Kevin

Master Instructor, Sifu Kevin Ritter began teaching Kung Fu in Massachusetts back in 1988. With over twenty five years of experience, Sifu Kevin (in red top) moved to the Treasure Coast of Florida in 2003 and opened his first school in September of that year. In 2005 he moved to a much larger facility where they continue to spread the teachings of Shaolin Kung Fu and their exclusive “Keep Your Kids Safe” Abduction Awareness program.


After School Martial Arts and Leadership:
Imagine enrolling your child in a program with encouraging role models and challenging curriculum that they can’t help but grow and succeed. In addition to their Kung Fu class, we have regular “mat chats” where kids get to discuss topics relevant to their development. They are always encouraged that what they think and feel matters while being taught effective ways to relay and express themselves to others. Think you have what it takes to be one of our cool After School Kids?  Well, we know you do!  Parents, enroll your children in a safe environment that promotes confidence, respect, team work and leadership skills.

Little Dragons: For Kids Only (Ages 4 to 6)!
A program that ensures achievement and teaches teamwork. Black Belt Leadership Academy teaches their own “Keep Your Kids Safe” Abduction Awareness program which empowers your children to make smart decisions when faced with danger. Your child will learn all of these valuable skills in a positive, fun and motivating environment. Our Little Dragons program develops children who are safe, healthy and respectful.

Junior Shaolin Warriors:
A dynamic class for older children (ages 7-11), the Shaolin Warriors program will teach your child leadership and responsiblity. These children face different obstacles as they enter their middle school years. Confidence is the key to your child’s success and with our experienced staff, they will succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

Teen and Adult Shaolin:
The teen students get the leadership skills they need and the high-flying action they want in one class, while the adults learn authentic, traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. Teens focus their energy in a positive direction while developing the leadership skills needed to succeed.  Adults develop effective defense techniques while increasing their health and fitness. Within this program you will all succeed not only in Kung Fu , but also Chinese weapons, sparring and Eagle Claw Chin-Na self defense.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:

This program provides students with not only an excellent fitness work-out, but also effective ground skills for self-defense and sport.  At “THE ARMORY TREASURE COAST” we offer a class that is very instructional and welcomes the student who always wanted to try groundfighting, but was a little intimidated to begin.  No egos here!  Just a great class in an encouraging atmosphere.  Our No-Gi program is great for kids, teens, and adults.  It’s a great work-out, provides valuable self-defense skills and students can even compete at area events! Check it out!

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